Transformer fire affected Gran Resistencia and Corrientes

A recent transformer fire in Puerto Bastiani substation cut the electrical supply on several occasions to Gran Resistencia, Corrientes and other towns in the Chaco Province, Argentina.

The outages were attributed to a transformer failure in the Puerto Bastiani station. Damaged transformer belongs to Transener, a private company that transports electricity for Transnea, which in turn enables Secheep to distribute electricity to households in Gran Resistencia and most areas in Chaco.

Reportedly, a failure occurred due to an “out of service” Transener transformer (TR01) and another transformer (TR03) which failed, causing an overload and transformer explosion. Transformer No. 1 was not operating because of repairs and Transformer No. 3 was shut down due to a Romang-Puerto Bastiani power line fault.

Volunteer firefighters rushed to the scene immediately.

The next morning, Secheep reported that power supply will be restored to the areas by the end of the day but did not rule out further outages.

Source: Diario Norte