TenneT to invest $24B in electricity infrastructure over next decade

The Netherlands: The Dutch government-owned electricity transmission system operator TenneT has announced its plan to invest €22 billion ($24.25 billion) in new onshore and offshore electricity infrastructure in the coming decade.

In Germany, TenneT plans to install 7.1 GW of offshore connection capacity by 2019, exceeding the government’s aim of 6.5 GW of installed offshore wind energy capacity by 2020, reports Energy Business Review.

At present, TenneT operates 40% of electricity grid in Germany, according to the source.

The firm is also planning to undertake projects in the Netherlands including maintenance of the existing onshore grid, as well as expansion of grids to accommodate larger and more volatile electricity flows.

By 2023, the Dutch Government expects to have 3.5 GW of installed offshore wind capacity.

Source: Energy Business Review