Damaged transformers cause major power crisis in Kashmir

The Power Development Department (PDD), Kashmir, India, has provided additional 50 MW last week due to heavy showfall. The Department hopes this will reduce forced outages as the power crisis caused by damaged transformers is getting worse with fresh snowfall.

Bashir Ahmad Khan, Chief Engineer PDD told Kashmir Times he is confident that the power cuts will be significantly reduced. Khan stated that damaged transformers are to blame for the power failure in rural areas. He added that this happens every winter in Kashmir as people overburden the transformers.

According to Khan, the Department receives 20-25 damaged transformers every day and on a single day, the 31st December, it received 60 damaged transformers from different parts of Kashmir. The Department recycles damaged transformers from their safety stock of around 300 transformers but most of them remain damaged according to Khan.

Source: Kashmir Times