Four new transformers to be installed in Posadas

Four new 8.5 MVA transformers will be installed on Thursday, along the Route 213 in Posadas, Argentina.

The transformers, purchased by EMSA, cost $ 360,000 each and the total order investment is estimated at $ 1,440,000. As a response to the implementation of the investment project, EMSA noted it is one of the most important ones in the company’s history. The company stressed that the transformers’ manufacturer, Tadeo Czerweny, ensures the construction quality.

It was further explained that the transformers have a distinct feature of a voltage regulator that automatically adjusts the voltage output according to the network requirements. Each transformer weighs 17.89 tons and measures 4.2 m in length, 2.6 m in width and 3.4 m in height.

The new transformers will be distributed to Montecarlo II transformer station, Oberá Norte substation, Puerto Rico substation and the last one will be kept in the safety stock.

Source: 6 Digital