India extends cut-off date for new transformer quality control regulations

India, New Delhi: Indian Department of Heavy Industry (DHI) has extended the cut-off date for the application of new quality control regulations for the supply of electrical transformers, which national manufacturers and power distributors accepted with relief.

Under the Electrical Transformer (Quality Control) Order 2015, the government made BIS (Bureau of Indian Standard) certification compulsory for all transformers supplied under orders placed after 7 May 2015.

However, following the latest DHI decision, manufacturers will be allowed to supply transformers without BIS certifications for the contracts that were sealed before 1 February 2016, reports The Economic Times.

The extension comes at a time when Indian Power Minister Piyush Goyal has pointed to the quality issues of the electrical industry and said the government could go to the extent of cancelling the licence to manufacturers if they didn’t match quality standards.

“This is a great news for the industry and we are thankful to DHI for granting us an extension. This will provide a major thrust to the manufacturers of quality transformers and help achieve government’s ambitious electrification programme,” said Alok Agarwal, vice chairman of distribution transformer division at IEEMA.

Source: The Economic Times