New transformer soon to be installed at El Bolson substation

The Secretary of State for Energy, Guillermo Gesualdo, toured the future El Bolson substation site, Argentina, with the Secretary of Electric Power, Marcelo Echegoyen, where the works are in progress to interconnect national electricity system.

In December last year, the state company Transcomahue SA organised a public tender for the purchase of a power transformer that will benefit El Bolson.

The investment amount is almost $ 1 million and was awarded to the lowest bidder – Czerweny Tadeo SA to purchase a 20 MVA power transformer which will replace the current 10 MVA transformer at the Coihue station.

The El Bolson site is currently being inspected by the Ministry of Electric Power. The workers are installing the underground 33 kV line cables which will be 12,2 km long. The current work will enable a significant reduction of environmental impact, high reliability in service delivery and low maintenance cost.

The project is developed jointly with the Chubut government after the commitment made in August 2012 by the Governor of Rio Negro, Alberto Weretilneck and the Governor of the neighbouring province, Martín Buzzi .

Source: El Ciudadano