The landmark 10th edition of Transformers Magazine is available!

Transformers Magazine is proud to announce that our landmark 10th edition is now available!

The July 2016 edition brings you two interesting interviews, two columns and a selection of technical articles and advertorials devoted to topical issues in the transformers industry today, ranging from application of natural and synthetic esters, through voltage regulated distribution transformers, grid resiliency and transformer condition monitoring and assessment, to transformer security. An interesting presentation of the Centre of Excellence for Transformers will introduce you to a regional hub for global transformer production.

In addition, this issue opens discussion on some other relevant topics such as the importance of communication and networking within the industry, as well as recognizing the most accurate market data in the times when globalization of the power and distribution markets makes this information increasingly available. A new column dedicated to market analysis provides a deeper insight into this matter.

As always, new research and discussions on the latest advanced solutions, innovations and technologies should provide an interesting and informative read for all of our readers.

We invite you to access the new edition here.

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Enjoy the magazine and have a pleasant reading!

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