Utilities implore gamers: Don't look for Pikachu at substations

‘POKEMON GO’ – new security threat?

Utilities implore gamers: Don’t look for Pikachu at substations

The new gaming sensation Pokemon Go has been enjoying a lot of success as of late but it also comes with its detractors. Fans all over the world are obsessed with the augmented reality game. More and more people are wandering the cities and landscapes with their smartphones to catch the elusive pokemons. Yet there are others who don’t understand what all the fuss is about.

What is worrisome is that the “Pokemon Go” players are often disregarding their own safety whilst playing the game and power companies have pointed out that players could end up in dangerous places and suffer injuries because of that.

Electrical companies are adamant that no pokemons are to be found on power plants and substations, should anyone wonder whether Pikachu (electric pokemon) is to be found there. They are warning players against entering these places.

NEVER attempt to enter an electrical substation. Trust us. Zapdos isn’t in there. We checked,” tweeted the Fargo, N.D.-based Cass County Electric Cooperative.

“Personal safety > catching ’em all,” Duke Energy Corp. tweeted yesterday. “Please be aware of surroundings while playing #PokemonGo.”

“Pokemon Go got you going places? While you play, PLEASE STAY AWAY from electrical substations and other utility equipment,” Entergy Corp. tweeted Wednesday.

It has been noticed that players are getting to close to the electrical plants and substations and that has caught the attention of power companies.

“Gamers have shown up at our power plants, and there was some discussion that you could catch electric type Pokemon near substations and transformers,” American Electric Power spokeswoman Tammy Ridout said in an email.

“Apparently Pikachu, who as you probably know is one of the most recognizable Pokemon and the Pokemon mascot, is electric,” Ridout said. “With how quickly the game grew – basically overnight – we wanted to spread the word about the dangers of electrical equipment so players wouldn’t attempt to go near it.”

While the success and growing popularity of “Pokemon Go” is unrelenting, it yet remains to be seen which safety issues might arise and how it will affect growing number of its players.

Source: eenews.net