Power transformer explodes in Oklahoma City residential area

An electrical transformer exploded on Monday in residential area near downtown Oklahoma City. The incident shocked the residents  but caused no injuries or lengthy power failures according to the authorities. There were no reports of damage outside the substation.

“It rattled every window in the house,” said Larry Tinsley, who lives across the street from the OG&E substation at NW 30 and Western. The explosion left a huge smoke ring wafting across the sky.

Fire department deputy chief Jon Hansen claimed that the explosion was heard as far away as NW 122. At about 7 p.m. emergency services responded after intially suspecting a possible airplane crash.

Dow Dozier, OG&E spokesman, said the cause of the explosion could not immediately be determined. “It appears it was something inside the transformer. Sometimes it’s just a mechanical failure. Parts get old and worn out.” He added that the incident caused a short power outage for “several thousands” Oklahoma City residents.

Source: News OK