Transformer fire forces TVA to shut down Unit 2 indefinitely

USA, Tennessee: The Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) had to shut down indefinitely Unit 2 reactor of its Watts Bar Nuclear Power Plant following a fire at the switchyard of the plant.

The blaze in one of the main bank transformers connected to the new Unit 2 reactor damaged a transformer and required TVA to shut down its Unit 2 reactor indefinitely, TVA spokesman said, reports Times Free Press

Since the transformers are cooled by oil and operate in a switchyard dispatching up to 2,200 MW of electricity when the units are at full power, TVA called upon three volunteer fire departments to help with the fire response.

The transformer fire triggered an alert to the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission, which is now reviewing the incident.

The unit will remain idle until a new transformer is installed and the cause of the fire is determined.

Source: Times Free Press