Elektrozavod to ensure power supply for FIFA World Cup 2018

Russia, Moscow: Holding company Elektrozavod shipped three power transformers to the 220 kV Zolotorevskaya substation which is currently under construction, according to Energy Land.

Elektrozavod designed and manufactured three TDTSN-160000/220, 160 MVA power transformers in Moscow. In the manufacturing process, the company used advanced engineering solutions, high quality materials and innovative technologies which have not been used in domestic transformer manufacturing until recently. Special requirements for the transformers were also considered during the design process. The power station will be one of the most powerful in the capital after the construction is completed.

“This is important subject for power supply in Moscow as it will provide additional capacity to Luzhniki, providing electricity to new constructions, especially for the World Cup training. It should generally improve the energy supply to the downtown area and the western districts, ” said Sergey Sobyanin during his visit to the construction site of the Zolotarevskaya substation in December last year. The substation with the installed capacity of 480 MW will be part of the so called “20 kV Moscow Ring” which includes large electrical substations in the city. In the event of a sudden load increase in the network during the sport events, the electricity will be distributed appropriately in Moscow.

Over the past few years, Elektrozavod designed and manufactured over 200 transformers and reactors for Moscow substations such as Yadroshino, Pernatovo, Troparyovo, Odintsovo, Krasnosel’skaya, Vesennyaya, Novaya, etc.

Elektrozavod experts develop and produce the latest equipment in a unique way for power systems in the Moscow region using modern materials and reliable components. In this way, the company provides a significant improvement in the basic parameters of the equipment, reducing the weight and size as well as the installation and the maintenance costs.

Source: EnergyLand.info

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