Automatic circuit reclosers deployed in Congo

NOJA Power’s distributors RWW Engineering has installed two OSM automatic circuit reclosers as part of a compact mobile substation deployed in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) to achieve full transformer primary protection.

The power distributor has commissioned two portable substations rated 5 MVA and 1.25 MVA using a 38 kV OSM recloser for the primary transformer protection, for a mine in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), reports T&D World.

Considering the importance of ensuring access to electricity to people in Sub-Saharan Africa, who make the majority of the global population with no access to electricity, one solution on which a number of governments and electrical utilities in these developing economies are relying on are portable medium voltage substations as they have proved to be reliable, compact, modern and what is key, transportable.

According to Jeremy Wood, director and co-founder of RWW Engineerin, the automatic circuit reclosers provide a light-weight and compact solution with advanced protection and communication features required to interface the mobile substation to the medium voltage grid. Full transformer protection is achieved including Bucholtz and temperature inputs via the RC10’s I/O module.

Source: T&D World