IUS Technologies presents new smart transformer monitors

USA, Texas: IUS Technologies unveiled groundbreaking distribution transformer monitors –  the TM1000 and TM2000 at DistribuTECH in San Antonio.

The new generation of monitors uses carbon nanotube technology and combines total combustible gas (TGS), temperature and load monitoring readings to provide real-time notification for single and three phase distribution transformers.

The monitors are the newest additions to the Born Smart™ line of smart grid sensing devices by IUS Technologies, Business Wire reports. They have an accuracy rating of 0.2% to remote transformer monitoring and provide a complete view of equipment health apart from regular manual inspection periods. This should reduce transformer maintenance costs and optimise transformer life expectancy.

TM1000 and TM2000 immediately detect normal, abnormal, caution or dangerous conditions and send alerts either when predetermined conditions are met or supply a constant stream of information.

“Transformer monitoring allows utilities to be proactive, no longer having to allow equipment to run to the point of failure,” says Sang Lee, IUS Technologies CEO. “This has tremendous implications for facilities where dependable electricity can literally mean life and death. TM1000 and TM2000 vastly improve the reliability of critical load distribution transformers, which control service to establishments like hospitals, emergency 911 dispatch centers, and similar providers of vital services.”

Source: Business Wire