Storm shuts down transformers in Parsippany

Due to downed wires in Parsippany, New Jersey, Route 46 is closed to all traffic between North Beverwyck Road and Baldwin Road. Apart from live lines, there are transformers down and snapped utility poles as announced by the police at 3:10 pm closure.

All westbound traffic on Route 46 was being diverted to either North Beverwyck Road or South Beverwyck Road. The Route 46 will be closed past the evening rush.

Just north of North Beverwyck Road on Route 46 West, at least five utility poles were snapped. The cause had now been officially determined, but the workers from the nearby offices claimed that the strong gust of wind appeared just before the poles went down.

The workers in question were removed away from the downed lines to the back car parks due to concern that the ground could be charged. For many of those in the affected area who could not get to their cars, transportation and shelter was being arranged.

Source: Daily Record