NEW EDITION of Transformers Magazine is available!

The October 2016 edition of Transformers Magazine is now available with an array of interesting content on some of the most topical issues in the transformers industry today.

The latest edition features three high-profile interviews, which provide first-hand information and views on transformer monitoring and diagnosis technology, insulating liquids used in transformers, and the application of natural esters in tap-changers.  

Our two columnists investigate new topics within their expertise in tap-changer technology and transformer market analysis, respectively.

Finally, a collection of highly informative and educative technical articles and advertorials make the backbone of the content, which ranges from transformer diagnostics and condition monitoring through critical equipment safety and protection to new technologies and sustainable innovations for transformers and insulating liquids in future grids.

We hope that many of these topics will be of interest to our readers, inspiring perhaps new authors to take the opportunity to present their research and expertise on the same or similar topics, and benefit from the values Transformers Magazine provides to authors.

We invite you to access the new edition here.

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Enjoy the magazine and have a pleasant reading!

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