10 MVAr STATCOM approved for operation in Jordan

Jordan: Jordanian national electricity company NEPCO has accepted the 10 MVAr STATCOM, supplied by the Spanish static power converter manufacturer Jema, to ensure compliance with the grid code of a 24 MW photovoltaic plant.

After exhaustive factory tests at full power, the STATCOM has undergone successful site tests at the PV plant in Ma’an, which included integration tests with the central plant control, full power operation of the STATCOM, and behaviour during LVRT (low voltage ride through), reports T&D World.

STATCOMs are part of the Flexible AC transmission system (FACTS) device family, regulating voltage and stabilizing the electrical grid. They are increasingly used in solar and wind power plants to comply with the grid code.

This STATCOM is fully modular and can easily be configured to 40 MVAr in a 12-metre container with a single grid connection transformer.

Source: T&D World