Eskom energizes a 500 MVA transformer in North West province

South Africa: The Greater Rustenburg town and surrounding areas in the North West Province are a step closer to receiving a major energy boost as Eskom has energised and commissioned the first of the two 500 MVA power transformers at the newly built Ngwedi substation.

This transformer marks a significant step towards the completion of the Medupi Power Station Integration Project, which comprises the construction of two substations, Ngwedi in North West and Borutho in Limpopo, the state-owned utility company said in a press statement.

This $36.6 million substation project began in July 2014, and the construction is still ongoing, with the second transformer expected to be energised in February 2017.

The works entail the construction of a Main Transmission Substation (MTS) and associate transmission power lines, including the control building, telecommunications and road infrastructure.

The substation will be a 400/132 kV step-down substation.

Source: ESKOM