Nigeria invests $127M in numerous power transmission projects

Nigeria, Abuja: The Federal Government of Nigeria has allocated $127 million to the Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN) to facilitate implementation of various power projects across the country contained in the 2017 proposal of the Ministry of Works, Power and Housing.

The projects include construction, reconstruction, rehabilitation and procurement of electrical equipment and infrastructure, including new transmission lines, substations, power transformers and other associated electrical equipment.

To name a few, the projects include installation of one 150 MVA, 330 kV substation and one 132 kV substation at Maiduguri, construction of Erukan-Omotosho 330 kV and Calabar-Ikom 132 kV DC transmission lines, construction of two 60 MVA, 132 kV substations at Shonga in Kwara State, replacement of aged equipment including transformer protection equipment nationwide, and more, reports Vanguard.

Source: Vanguard