Two large Siemens GEAFOL transformers on their way to Malaysia

Siemens has shipped two GEAFOL transformers, each with a capacity of 25 MVA, to OSRAM, a globally operating manufacturer of LEDs, for its new production facility in Kulim, Malaysia.

The two cast-resin transformers were loaded onto special vehicles at the Siemens plant in Kirchheim unter Teck on 12 December 2016 on their way to the port of Plochingen, from where they travelled to Malaysia by ship, the manufacturer said in a press release.

The transformers are expected to ensure a redundant power supply to the company’s factory grid.

According to the manufacturer, the capacity of these transformers can be increased by 20 percent to 30 MVA using radial flow fans, while a tap changer on the high-voltage side allows the voltage to be regulated under load.

The transformers were specifically designed to operate efficiently and reliably for decades under extreme conditions.

Source: Siemens

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