Siemens supplies transformers for first Germany-Belgium HVDC link

Siemens has revealed more information on the converter stations and transformers project that will be implemented for the first high-voltage direct current transmission system (HVDC) line between Germany and Belgium, established as part of the ALEGrO (Aachen Liège Electricity Grid Overlay) project.

For the project, Siemens will supply a total of eight transformers.

The company is building turnkey converter stations in both Oberzier (Germany) and Lixhe (Belgium), which will serve as grid feed-in nodes and are designed for a transport capacity in the order of 1,000 MW, the manufacturer said in the press release.

Three single-phase HVDC transformers lie at the heart of the two converter stations, with 400 kV on the grid side, 380 kV on the converter side, and 20 kV on the tertiary side.

Each transformer supplies apparent power of 360 MVA.

Delivery of the transformers is planned for between the summer and autumn of 2018.

The new HVDC line, which will supply about half a million households with green electricity in the future, will complete a further part of the European electricity highway, which will make it possible to share green power across national borders.

Source: Siemens