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40 years of oxyhydrogen gas generators with Oweld

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Oxyweld, headquartered in the Italian province of Pordenone, is a company specialised in the production of oxyhydrogen gas generators for brazing. This is a special year because OWELD brand marks its 40th anniversary. By combining passion and innovation, the company has become an important player in this industry. In 1981, Enrico Andreetta, the founder of Oxyweld, set the goal of producing fire from water. The company, which started in a small garage in the town of Conegliano in the northeast of Italy, currently supports thousands of small to large companies in more than 75 countries.

Oxyweld’s environmentally friendly brazing technologies transform water into fire and replace the conventional oxy-fuel cylinders

Oxyweld enables production process that is environmentally friendly and safe and does not need a storage tank since the oxyhydrogen gas is produced on demand. The system and the flame properties are specifically designed for the brazing of copper, brass, aluminium, bus bars, cables and wires in the transformer industry. Click here to read more about the company.

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