Resilience power transformer installed in NY in record time

USA, New York: A new 300 MVA EHV mobile resilience power transformer has been successfully installed by Siemens and Con Edison of New York, the utility powering New York City and local areas, in a record time of 30 hours.

The mobile resilience transformers, delivered to Con Edison late last year, were developed as a part of an innovative concept for maximum grid resiliency, to act as an emergency measure in case of unplanned or planned outages, the manufacturer said in a press release.

According to the manufacturer, transformer positioning and final installation was completed in 30 hours, which is the fastest 300 MVA EHV transformer installation in history.

The assembly and installation of the units was performed by three teams who were supported by representatives from Siemens, Pfisterer & MR Reinhausen. The teams disconnected the existing transformer from the station overhead bus and installed transformer bushings and surge arresters, set up the pothead stands and secondary cable connections, mounted and connected the common control cabinet and set up the control cable connections between the transformers and the relay house.

Source: Siemens