80% of transformer stations in Banban complete

Egypt: The Chinese-Egyptian company XD-Egemac has completed the implementation of 80% of power transformer stations that transfer electricity produced by solar plants in Banban and Aswan.

The company is to complete the implementation of four transformer stations in Banban within 60 days, which is within the agreed time frame, reports Daily News Egypt.

As Transformers Magazine earlier reported, XD-Egemac contracted with the Ministry of Electricity to supply substations and power transformers in Banban to transfer electricity produced by solar energy projects, according to the feed-in tariff amounting $35.5 million.

Within the project, the company will establish 12 power transformers with a capacity of 175 MVA, with nine units currently being installed in Banban stations 1, 2, and 4, and three units in Banban Station 3.

The company completed the installation of high voltage transformers, panels and medium voltage transformers. Two 220 kV substations are to be installed within weeks.

Source: Daily news Egypt