EETC announces tender for 3 single-phase transformers

Egypt, Cairo: The Egyptian Electricity Transmission Company (EETC) has issued a tender inviting bids from international bidders for the supply of three 750 MVA, 500/220 kV single-phase autotransformers plus one spare phase.

The single-phase autotransformers must be 500/220/22 kV, 250 MVA each, with their accessories, OLTC, AVRs, and 22 kV air bus systems to connect the 22 kV windings of autotransformer phases in Delta outside the transformer tanks, reports ESI-Africa.

The scope of work includes engineering, design, manufacture, factory testing, site delivery, loading, unloading of transformers on foundations, supervision of erection, site testing and commissioning, as well as training, insurance until provisional acceptance, warranty and technical assistance during the warranty period.

The completion period should take no longer than 17 months (15 months for site delivery starting from the contract signature plus two months for supervision of erection, testing and commissioning).

Bidders may obtain further information directly from EETC.

The deadline is on or before the 28 February 2017 at 12:00 noon, Cairo local time.

Source: ESI-Africa