Roosevelt Park substation woes finally addressed; upgrade under way

South Africa, Johannesburg: The Roosevelt Park substation in Johannesburg is undergoing an $8 million upgrade, powering up with a new power transformer.

The substation’s old transformer has been removed, making way for the installation of a new power transformer, reports The Citizen.

The old substation has had capacity issues for a very long time, which caused a protest from residents in January who demanded the substation receives necessary upgrade.

“The old, oily transformer is gone! There is also a team using some new technology to detect potential failure points on the infrastructure [so as to perform] preventative maintenance,” Ward 88 councillor Nicholas Lorimer said.

“The whole thing is being redone, so it won’t be finished for a long time to come. But this is the first milestone on the road to completion,” he added.

Source: The Citizen