GlobeCore: Oil regeneration extends transformer life by 20 years

Globecore GmbH, a German company, manufactures equipment able to extend power transformer service life by 20 years .

Globecore protects and saves millions of dollars of investments in power transformers. This is achieved through transformer oil purification which can be performed on site, with the transformer energized.

What are the hazards of transformer oil contamination?

The transformer lives as long as its insulation system. Over time, transformer gradually accumulates oxidation products, contaminants and other impurities when used.

The process of oxidation results in formation of acids which act on carbon and metals, forming aldehydes, alcohols and soap metals. These substances then deposit on solid insulation.

Contaminants increase oil viscosity, hampering circulation and cooling.

Therefore, aging of transformer oil is a consequence of combined effects of high temperature, oxygen, and electric field in the presence of the transformer construction materials. Using such oil is dangerous to the transformer, increasing significantly the risk of failures and power outages.

What is a solution?

GlobeCore offers a solution to this – restoration of transformer oil to its initial condition and reusing the oil.

This will not only have environmental benefits, but will also result in cost saving on purchasing the new and disposing of the used oil, as well as extend transformer lifetime by 20 years or more.

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