Award for MIDEL at MEE Awards show in Dubai

UAE, Dubai: M&I Materials has been awarded a certificate of recommendation as a finalist in the Middle East Electricity Awards show in Dubai, finishing in second place.

The award was made in the “Smart Power Product of the Year” category for one of M&I Materials’ natural ester transformer fluids – MIDEL eN 1215. Receiving the commendation was Giles Salt, CEO of M&I Materials, along with MIDEL commercial team members Steve Jones, Sherif S. Soltan and Hussam Al-Amin.

MIDEL eN 1215 was the product entered into the awards programme, and the team had to demonstrate how the fluid directly addresses market needs by helping the power and distribution sector mitigate risk. MIDEL ester-based fluids have been specifically formulated to provide a safe alternative to mineral oil and dry-type transformers. The MIDEL range of natural and synthetic ester fluids offer increased fire safety, greater environmental protection and superior moisture tolerance that the market demands.

The Middle East has a commitment to being an environmentally friendly region, especially in the GCC regions including Dubai. Protecting life, the environment and transformer assets in the region is becoming an essential need, especially in areas of high density population. The family of MIDEL synthetic and natural ester transformer fluids will be part of the solution, delivering tangible benefits to the region’s energy sector.

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