Monitor your transport online

Keep control over your transformer during transport and access information 24/7. Cargolog® Impact Recorder, wireless data logger, with integrated GSM/GPRS communication follows the goods during the entire logistic chain. Based on the thresholds of your choice you receive personalized alerts transmitted in real time by GSM/GPRS.  All data is displayed in the web application, Cargolog® Online and allows you to act immediately to potential damages during the transport.

Cargolog® Impact Recorder can be attached inside or outside the transformer to frequently monitor and report, shocks, vibrations and environmental conditions that could cause damage to the transformer. The data logger can be used over and over again and give a fast return of investment.

Access data in real-time

By using GSM/GPRS communication you will be warned about potential damages which allows you to act immediately. Prepare to the damage before the transformer reaches site and be able to save costs that are related to installation or use caused by transport damage. It is a cost-efficient method that gives you full monitoring of the transformer during transport.

Cloud service -Internet of Things             

In Cagolog® Online you can view all the data from your Cargolog® Impact Recorder transmitted in real- time. The measurements can be viewed in a graph – as well as a table. Cargolog® Online can be used by multiply users with access from all around the world 24/7. Use your PC, Smartphone or tablet to view and analyze the measurement results for every minute and second of the period.

For data loggers equipped with integrated GPS – in real time, locate your goods and see the route of the transport as well as the GPS position of the incident.

Why should I use Cargolog® Online?

  • Cargolog Online gives you the ability to monitor the transport in a geographically distance.
  • You, your colleagues or your customers can access the measurement results online without any installation.
  • By controlling the transport and handling of material at a distance you can reduce costs, increase efficiency and ensure quality.

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