New collaboration of German & Russian transformer makers

Taking part in a joint innovation project, Siemens and the Russian manufacturer of instrument transformers, Profotech, have been working on the interoperability of unconventional (fiber-optic) current and voltage instrument transformers connected to digital protection devices via process bus.

The process bus communications technology in energy automation is thus being taken a step closer to commercial deployment, Siemens said in a press statement.

One of the greatest challenges is to ensure interoperability so that the connected devices can also communicate together without error regardless of the manufacturer.

For example, in the case of optical current and voltage instrument transformers, the current and voltage values could be transmitted digitally in the form of digital sampled values from the primary system via the process bus to the secondary system over the Ethernet, where there they are further processed in smart terminals such as protection devices or energy meters.

Source: Siemens