Giant transformer delivered to substation near Pine Island

USA, Minnesota: Massive, 246-tonne power transformer was delivered Tuesday at the substation near Pine Island as part of the $ 2.2 billion CAPX2020 power line project.

Two days before, a 117 m trailer hauled the power transformer from Randolph to Pine Island, taking approximately five hours to cross the 34 miles.

According to Post-Bulletin, the delivery is part of the project aimed at expanding a 150-mile long electrical transmission grid between Hampton and Rochester to La Crosse. It is one of the five line upgrades comprising the CAPX2020 project which is the most expensive expansion of the Midwest’s power grid in more than 40 years. Installation of the transformer was delayed until Tuesday morning because of the cold.

The power transformer at Pine Island took about a year and half to build and is the largest in the CapX projects. It will take electricity from 345 kV line and reduce it to 161 kV, then send it to the Northern Hills substation in Rochester.

Source: Post-Bulletin