LSIS launches earthquake-proof power transformer

South Korea, Seoul: South Korean transformer manufacturer, LSIS, has unveiled a new power transformer that is capable of withstanding earthquake magnitudes of up to 8.0.

This cast-resin power transformer, Susol, has been developed in response to lingering safety concerns on earthquakes in Korea and worldwide, with demand expected to surge for years to come, according to the manufacturer, reports The Korea Times.

LSIS said the equipment will allow the company to expand its global presence, as the earthquake-proof transformer industry has so far been driven mainly by overseas power equipment giants.

“The latest model is equipped with our cutting-edge earthquake-resistant technologies,” a company official said. “We will expand sales channels here and abroad, as the equipment is competitive compared to that of our global rivals.”

The company started developing the transformer in March 2016, winning a certificate for its earthquake-proof performance from a local research body in August. The mass production started this March.

Source: The Korea Times