First phase of India’s Champa UHVDC project energized

India, Champa: The first step of a two-phased 800 kV UHVDC project designed to address the growing power needs of India’s northern region is now energized.

GE has successfully transmitted 1,500 MW of power for phase 1 of the Champa UHVDC project led by Power Grid Corporation of India, the company states in a press release.

For the project, GE (then Alstom) manufactured the first “Made in India” 800 kV HVDC converter transformer.

The Champa 800 kV UHVDC project is designed to connect thermal power produced in Chhattisgarh to the north via Kurukshetra, through a 1,365 km energy highway.

Executed in two phases, the project will transport 6,000 MW of power upon full completion and strengthen the grid for half a billion people in India.

Source: GE