April 2017 edition of Transformers Magazine is now available!

In our latest edition, we bring an abundance of interesting and relevant content to all stakeholders in the industry, offering inside views and commentary on some of the most important design and maintenance processes, expert papers on the latest business and technology developments, case studies on green solutions, and much more.

This time in our executive interviews, we have spoken to the director of one of the world’s largest transformer monitoring companies and organizer of the largest number of expert conferences in the industry. Our second high-profile interview presents the manufacturer of one of the most important products for the transformer and substation safety – the transformer protector.

In our regular columns, four industry experts are offering their views on some of the most topical issues in the tap-changer technology, transformer condition monitoring, transformer lifecycle management and transformer market analysis.

The selection of technical papers take a closer look at SFRA method in transformer testing, special power transformers with heat recovery features for urban areas, development of moisture-equilibrium charts for natural ester used in green transformers and the behaviour of moisture in cellulose insulation materials.

Finally, the advertorial pieces elaborate on the interesting and highly relevant concepts relating to transformer connectivity, tap-changers and Industry 4.0 machinery for transformer manufacturing, as well as the concepts aimed at helping reduce the impact on the environment.

We hope this content will bring portions of knowledge that each reader can enjoy and find useful in everyday work.


Enjoy your reading!

Transformers Magazine team



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