Burbank looks to upgrade aging electrical substations

USA, California: Some of the electrical substations in Burbank, California, a home to many film and media companies, are more than 60 years old, but an upcoming development project in the new Golden State District could help update the city’s electrical infrastructure.

City Council members have given a green light to Burbank Water and Power to solicit design-build proposals to construct a new community substation at Winona Avenue and Ontario Street, reports Los Angeles Times.

The substation, with power transformers and associated equipment, was initially intended for the proposed Avion project, which is a 61.5-acre development next to Hollywood Burbank Airport expected to have a mix of industrial, office and retail uses and a 150-room hotel.

However, Burbank Water and Power officials suggested to developer that it could have a community substation that would also serve the surrounding area.

The community substation in the Golden State District would eventually allow the city to decommission the existing Winona and Victory substations, which are 60 and 70 years old, respectively, over the 20-year span of the new electrical project, which would also include updating the transmission lines.

Source: Los Angeles Times