Oman investing in electricity distribution network

Oman, Muscat: Dhofar Power Company (DPC) has announced a series of expansion projects aiming to enhance electricity distribution network and capacity.

Several primary substation projects, with power transformers and associated electrical equipment, are currently underway in AlSaada II, Sahalnoot II and Raysut Industrial Estate-II and Khour Al Qurum, reports Times of Oman.

“We are also upgrading the existing Jufa-Sadah primary substation in order to meet the growing electricity demand and we are in the process of awarding contracts for two new primary substations in Jarziz and New Salalah, also as a result of the significant growth of these areas,” said Eng. Omar Al Awady, DPC Senior Manager of Asset Management, Strategic Planning and Projects.

DPC is expected to invest $50 million to execute the planned projects in 2017, according to Eng Ali IssaShamas, chief executive officer of DPC. 

Source: Times of Oman