Discom to buy 4,000 new transformers in bulk in Uttar Pradesh

India, Uttar Pradesh: The Discom in Uttar Pradesh has decided to buy 4,000 new transformers in bulk following the Uttar Pradesh government directive instructing that all defunct power transformers have to be replaced within 48 hours in rural areas and 24 hours in urban areas.

According to official statistics, the transformer breakdown during peak summer season rises from 6% to 10%, leading to long waiting time for consumers to get the power supply restored, reports Nyoooz.

The new transformers should help reduce long power outages in 14 districts under the Discom’s jurisdiction.

For the purpose of replacement, the Discom will use 150 GPS-enabled vehicles to transport the transformers directly from the workshops to the areas where they are to be installed.

Source: Nyoooz