Works begin on a major interstate power line in New Mexico

USA, New Mexico: Xcel Energy has started construction works in southeast New Mexico on the first of several high-voltage transmission line segments that will come together as a single 386-km (240-mile) “Power for the Plains” corridor linking Texas with New Mexico.

A 145-km 345 kV line between Hobbs, N.M. and a new substation called China Draw southeast of Carlsbad, N.M. is now under construction. Additional line segments to be built by 2020 will connect the New Mexico line to TUCO Substation north of Lubbock, Texas.

The project estimated at $400 million forms part of a larger investment of $557 million approved in 2014 for new transmission facilities in New Mexico needed by 2020, within which Excel Energy is also to build 12 new substations and upgrade nine existing substations.

Source: Everything Lubbock; Power for the Plains