New transformers order for French nuclear power plants

Siemens Transformers received an order for three single-phase step-up transformers (GSU) 405/20-kV 570 MVA from EDF, a large energy producer which operates 58 nuclear reactors in France alone.

As part of its Grand Carénage programme to extend the lifetime of all the nuclear plants in France beyond their “initially scheduled 40 years”, EDF is gradually replacing twelve old transformers in the Paluel nuclear power plant, for which the order for the last three transformers was placed in December 2016, the manufacturer stated in a press release.

These single-phase 405/20-kV 570 MVA transformers underwent a challenging site installation because the older transformers were replaced under difficult conditions as they were installed in a very limited space and tight time frame (during an outage of the nuclear reactor).

The delivery of the last three units is scheduled for 2018.

Source: Siemens