Instrument Transformers and IPEC raise their profiles in Middle East

UAE, Dubai: UK-based Instrument Transformers and IPEC and have escalated their presence in the Middle East while participating at MEE 2014.

Instrument Transformers, which has been in business for over 40 years, displayed its new product line of medium voltage, resin cast transformers.

“We currently have three ranges of products: single phase, three phase and we also have an outdoor range”, said Paul Munro, Marketing Director at Instrument Transformers.

“Our medium voltage three-phase unit is generally used in the UK only but with so many UK companies having a presence here, the standards and products that they use are almost automatically integrated into their equipment here. Rather than ship all the way from their UK base, the local facility can actually order directly from us so it cuts out the hassle and the lead time for a lot of them and they can interact directly with us.” he added. Instrument Transformers gets 15 to 20% of its business from the region.

At the same time, IPEC, a specialist in on-line partial discharge (PD) testing of medium voltage and high voltage plant, has been involved in tenders in Saudi Arabia and has just completed a big order for Qatar.

“At the moment, the Middle East is a real up-and-coming area for us,” said Carl Eastham, Business Development Manager at IPEC. “In particular we’re getting a lot of traction with the portable partial discharge spot test devices.”

The Manchester-based company increased its turnover by 50 % last year, largely initiated by portable system sales.

“We’re a growing company”, said Eastham. “In the Middle East service is key. The utility companies here don’t just want products, they want the service that goes along with it. So we’ve recently doubled the size of our service team so we can offer better service and get people on the ground.”

Source: Technical Review Middle East