New HVDC line to link Texas and Southeast

USA: Pattern Energy is preparing for the construction of the 644-km HVDC Southern Cross transmission project that will link Texas, Louisiana and Mississippi, and has applied for a preferred route for the line.

The Southern Cross project is a ±500 kV high voltage direct current (HVDC) transmission line, which will connect excess and cost-competitive wind energy in Texas to the transmission grid and customers in the Southeast, reports Energy Business Review.

Under the project, the high-voltage and HVDC converter station, with power transformers and associated electrical equipment, will be constructed in Northwest Louisiana, along with around 400 miles (644 kilometres) of HVDC transmission lines across Louisiana and Mississippi.

Expected to start construction in 2018, the project is slated to be operational in 2021.

“The Southern Cross project will be one of the nation’s first overhead HVDC transmission lines constructed in nearly two decades – and all of the capital investment required for the project is being provided by private investors,” said Pattern Energy CEO Mike Garland,

Source: EBR