Punjab closing all state-run transformer maintenance centres

India, Punjab: As Punjab Congress decides to shut down all government-owned transformer maintenance workshops in the state, official letters have been sent to these units giving them three months to wind up their operations.

Across Punjab state there are nine transformer maintenance centres operated by Punjab State Power Corporation Limited (PSPCL), where nearly 25 % of faulty transformers are repaired and around 280 people employed, reports The Indian Express.

All other maintenance workshops have been run by private companies over the last two-three years.

The number of state-owned workshops has already been reduced from 13 to nine.

“We have suggested [to PSPCL] to keep at least 4-5 workshops with them rather than closing all of them and depend entirely on private bodies,” said Sanjeev Sood, president of the Punjab State Electricity Board Engineers unit of transformers maintenance workshops.

According to The Indian Express, PSPCL’S Managing Director A. Venuprasad said the decision was made after a thorough study by the Commercial Director who himself is an engineer, but they will re-look into the proposal given by the Engineers Association.

Source: The Indian Express