Italian Windings Group – 3 companies with nearly 100 years experience join in new partnership

Italy, Lugo: A joint venture Italian Windings Group has been sealed between Elettromeccanica MERCANTI s.n.c., DUE ESSE s.r.l. and MTW s.r.l. in Italy.

avvolgitrice-430x250The group was conceived with the objective of becoming the one contact at a national and international level for the supply of windings for distribution and power transformers dry type, oil immersed and cast resin with power ranging from 10 kVA and 100 MVA. The combined experience of Italian Windings Group in the field of electrical windings production is almost 100 years.

Mr. Mercanti, owner of one of the companies, stated that ‘the strategic decision of combining knowledge and resources will allow not only a wider product range to increase business with existing clients, but also more funds to expand client base through a more intense participation and visibility at fairs as well as a stronger communication plan.’mercanti-250x300

Italian Windings Group produces windings for distribution transformers with copper or aluminum band, wire and flattened wire (flattening), small windings with flat wire and windings for power transformers layer type, continuous disc, interleaved disc with simple flat, double or triple flat and transposed cable.

The Group also constructs or researches the market for any material that may be needed to make windings, cuts all types of isolation materials and manufacture cylinders according to required measurements, and makes cooling channels (duct spacing) with several shapes of fiberglass, wood and pressboard rods applied on various supports for distribution transformers from class A to class H.

Source: Italian Windings Group



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