Nagpur faces power cut problems due to lack of spare transformers

India, Nagpur: The city of Nagpur is facing power load problems due to the lack of spare transformers with the local utility company Mahatransco.

Last week a 50 MVA transformer at the 132 Mankapur substation broke down, which Mahatransco replaced with a 25 MVA unit due to unavailability of the equipment of adequate capacity.

This is now causing problems for local distribution companies in power load management, reports The Times of India.

“Nagpur has 600 MVA capacity at 33 KV level and 165 MVA capacity at 11 KV level. The total capacity is thus 765 MVA. Of this, now only 740 MVA remains,” said a MSEDCL official.

“If another transformer breaks down, the city may face power cuts,” he added.

Mahatransco Chief Engineer, however, claims the 25 MVA transformer will be replaced with a 50 MVA unit by the end of June.

Source: The Times of India

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