ACTOM develops dual-voltage voltage transformers

South Africa: High Voltage Equipment unit of the South African transformer manufacturer ACTOM has developed a dual-voltage voltage transformer (VT) to facilitate the transition at minimal cost to users.

This was prompted by a move by several major metropolitan municipalities towards raising the transmission voltage for substations from 88 kV to 132 kV, the manufacturer said in a press release.

“The conversions due to be implemented by various electrical authorities will involve a process whereby substations that are to be converted need to operate at 88 kV for a period until the conversion to the higher voltage level of 132 kV has been completed,” explained Etienne Venter, the division’s Design Engineer.

The new dual-voltage VT will provide for a seamless changeover from the lower to the higher voltage without the need to replace existing 88 kV units with higher rated ones.

A number of the new VT’s are to be installed in the 88 kV/11 kV Roosevelt Park substation in the Johannesburg suburb by F&J Electrical. For this project the electricity company ordered six units, along with 21 x 132 kV current transformers.

Source: Actom