Siemens and Alliander form joint venture to develop innovations for smart grids

Siemens announced at the European Utility Week smart energy trade show in Amsterdam the joint venture with Dutch grid operator and energy utility Alliander N.V. (Arnheim, Netherlands) with the objective to develop and promote innovations for intelligent power supply networks.

Jan Mrosik, CEO of the Siemens Smart Grid Division and Peter Molengraaf, Alliander CEO announced the partnership on the 15th October 2013 in Amsterdam. Siemens and Alliander have signed a smart grid cooperation agreement in which they will focus on requirements for smart grids with no marketable solutions as yet. The new cooperation Joint developments will help to find the appropriate solutions, such as technologies which can be used to increase the transparency of medium- and low-voltage networks, innovations for virtual power plants, innovations for data security in power grids and for patch management, as well as the development of analyses specifically tailored to grid managers.

To accomplish this, the data recorded along the entire energy conversion chain should be prepared for the grid managers in a usable form.

The cooperation between Siemens and Alliander additionally complies with the EU’s demand that distribution system operators cooperate with other market participants. With over 3.3 million customers, Alliander is the largest operator of power and gas networks in the Netherlands. This energy supplier wants to use its innovation partnership with Siemens to take the next steps toward initiating a fully developed, smart grid for the future in its network area.

Source: Siemens