Transformer explosion left 140,000 LA customers without power

USA, California: 140,000 customers in the San Fernando Valley lost power over the weekend after an explosion at a Los Angeles Department of Water and Power plant in Northridge caused a fire that burned for hours.

As the transformer exploded, 227,000 litres (60,000 gallons) of mineral oil went on fire, according to Los Angeles Fire Department spokesman Brian Humphrey. A mechanical failure related to cooling equipment might be a cause of the explosion, reports Los Angeles Times.

The failed transformer was an aging unit that was at least 40 years old and that had been set for replacement, the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power further revealed.

The unit still needs to be dismantled and analysed to determine the cause of its failure. Similar units at other receiving stations will also be inspected.

Source: Los Angeles Times, 89.3KPCC