PowerTender – a new digital platform that will revolutionize the power market

PowerTender is launching a new digital marketplace that will change the conditions for buying and selling power products completely. Now, buyers and sellers can meet digitally on an independent global platform – a revolutionary development in an industry that is constantly moving forward.

Buyers and sellers usually meet somewhere in the world to do business. This is costly, time consuming and bad for the environment. With PowerTender, a whole new way of doing business is possible. By signing up to the digital marketplace, buyers and sellers can now receive inquiries and tenders from all over the world. It is all very simple. With just a few keystrokes, the buyer specifies which product it wishes to buy and receives tenders from factories that can deliver the exact product the buyer is looking for. This contributes to cost reductions, increased efficiency and improved communication between buyers and sellers.

“It’s an easy, transparent and open system that removes the intermediaries that are usually involved in the sales process,” explains Carl-Johan Linér, chairman of the board, PowerTender. ”That, in turn, counteracts corruption and cartel formation, and strengthens the users’ ability to follow code-of-conduct.”

PowerTender attaches great importance to security and integrity – buyers and sellers should feel completely confident in using the system. The companies that join PowerTender undergo a thorough quality assurance during which both creditworthiness and credentials are checked. PowerTender also ensures that the affiliated companies comply with the current standards. Signing up is super easy. In just a few minutes, buyers and sellers can register their companies and upload a company profile. After passing the quality assurance, the registered companies have access to buyers and sellers all over the world. PowerTender makes it easy to go global.

The digital platform, which has received a great worldwide response, is now being launched in full scale.

About PowerTender
PowerTender brings together buyers and sellers of power products on a global scale. Our marketplace enables buyers to expand their supplier base and sellers to expand their potential customer base. The marketplace contributes to cost reductions in both the buying and selling processes while increasing efficiency and communication between buyers and sellers.

For more information please contact:
Andreas Westholm, CEO PowerTender
Phone: +46 70 360 18 47