BEST Transformer delivers its largest magnetically controlled shunt reactor

The largest magnetically-controlled shunt reactor (MCSR) built by BEST Transformer has reached its destination in Kazakhstan.

It is the first of three transformers BEST manufactured for FARAMAX, with the other two already manufactured.

MCSRs allow operators to increase control power flow, decrease losses and increase transmission capacity, avoid seasonal voltage oscillations and voltage collapses due to major network crisises. Thanks to a control winding connected to a DC source, the core’s saturation range can be adjusted. This allows  full regulation of reactor’s output range in real time.

The 180 MVA, 500 kV reactors will be installed in the Alma station, where they will play an important role in the 500 kV Kazakh-Russian interconnected network. 

Reactors have an exceptionally long active part. Owing to its 8-legged core, transformers tank is over 11 meters long, but is still suitable for railway transport. An important part of its month long, multi-terrain journey was via railway.

Source: BEST Transformer