Worst Russian blackout in seven years, 1.5 million people affected

Power supply was disrupted in Russia’s Far East on Tuesday thanks to the worst accident at a generation facility in the region in seven years. Around 1.5 million people in the region, and also in Siberia, were left without power due to a short circuit on the electricity transmission line.

The accident led to the stopping of eight passenger trains and a temporary halt to power exports to the Chinese city of Haihe. Experts estimate the impact of the damage at US$3.3 million. Power supply was restored after several hours.

It also led to the shutdown of the Blagoveshchenskaya thermal power plant and power units at two large hydroelectric stations – Zeya and Bureyskaya. The power cut affected 1250 MW of capacity.

This was the largest Russian blackout since one in St. Petersburg in 2010.

Source: Asia Times

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