Efacec installs largest power transformer in Angola

Efacec has produced and installed the largest and powerful transformer in Angola. It is the first of seven power transformers that equips the Hydrolectric Power Plant, located in the province of Malanje.

Once the power transformer starts operating, it will be able to drain the energy produced in the first generating set of the dam, benefiting more than eight million people and the development of the north, center and south regions of Angola.

Located between the provinces of Cuanza Norte and Malanje, the Laúca Hydroelectric Plant, whose construction started in 2012, is the third dam under construction in the Kwanza river bed, after Cambambe and Capanda, and will have a production capacity of 2070 megawatts.

This power transformer, a split-phase solution, was produced at Efacec’s plant in Arroteia, Portugal, for Andritz Hydro, has a power output of 371 MVA and voltage levels of 400/ 18 kV.

Source: BizNis Africa

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